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Monday June 29, 2009
The News is pretty much Olds. I haven't touched this website in about four years. There's been a little bit of progress on the music front, but not much. I parked an Eastbay daily prize tag at the bottom of my page. Not sure how long that'll stay.

Friday July 22, 2005
Scheduled to play a Local Talent Friday at Escapades with DJ Scrub, Mason Parks, and others I am not yet aware of.

Saturday April 16, 2005
Played at Das One with Mason Parks and X-Con. We had a blast. This is likely to happen again.

Friday March 25, 2005
Finished up my original song Funky Twin Powers. This is another Electro stomper with the bass in your face. Perhaps this one will be unleashed someday.

Saturday February 5, 2005
Opened for the Pimpz n Hoz afterparty at Escapades. Other DJs that showed and played include DJ Scrub and Agent K & Deuce.

Tuesday February 1, 2005
Slightly tweaked Los Hermanos Rodrigues - The Hague and Anthony Rother - Don't Stop The Beat. These are two really good songs that I wanted to lay out just a little better so I could drop them easily into any electro set.

Saturday October 30, 2004
Played at DJ X-Con's and Lattie's party at The Barn. That may not be the right name for this venue, located just West of Madisonville. really nice venue for a killer party. X-Con and Lattie did a great job setting the place up (with a friend whose name I've forgotten).

Thursday October 28, 2004
Reworked The Beat Club - Dominator (TeeCee's Dominate the Remix). The results are pretty harsh and sick. This one might hurt your feelings.

Thursday September 23, 2004
Started and finished Charlie Murphy - Can You Feel The beat (TeeCee's ReBeat). As with Icey's Rain, I liked the song but didn't like the way it was laid out (the energy came in early, the song was a little short, and the last 1:30 was all mix-out).

Tuesday September 21, 2004
Completed DJ Icey & Jen Lasher - Rain (TeeCee's Rmx). Good song but I didn't like the way it was arranged. This is just a slight rearrangement

Friday June 25, 2004
Polished up 2 Live Crew - Get Loose Now (TeeCee's Breakstrumental). Found the sources and worked the funk. Possibly final mix ready for testing.

Thursday June 10, 2004
Added this "News" blog to the web site.

Wednesday June 9, 2004
Added the music page...

Thursday May 20, 2004
Finished rough (final) remix of Freakazoids - Freak & Hustle (TeeCee's Retake). This is a cross between the original and Freakazoids remix.

Thursday May 13, 2004
Finished & uploaded my remix of Richard Humpty Vission - Never Let Me Down (TeeCee's Double Down Dub). This was for an Acid Planet competition. You can hear, download, and rate the track (give me a 10) here.

Tuesday February 10, 2004
Finished rough (final) remix of David Guetta - Just A Little More Love (Just A Little More Soul Rmx). The "Elektro" mix had some Al Naafyish (The Soul) in it. My version is loaded with it.

Thursday February 5, 2004
Finished latest rough mix of my original track Digital Freaks. This is the song you'll here when you see my crew in "I'm Gonna Git You Sucka II". Yes this is my theme song.

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