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I will attempt to keep this page somewhat current, but it isn't likely.
I prefer Electronic Music, so you will see it featured most often.

The first featured album of this page ever!

Orbital: In Sides


For you guys familiar with Orbital, you will be familiar with parts of this album. I'm not saying it's a bunch of old shit, it just has some old sounds reused on a few tracks. The rest of the album sounds sort of evolved, different but following their style. If you get it now, it comes with a limited edition single that has a very recognizeable track and another track with (get this) a dude singing! If you aren't familiar with Orbital's brand of techno, their music is what you might refer to as intelligent (i.e. clean tracks, well thought out, very original) with some good danceable beats. If only I could find a club around here to play their music.

Track List: Disk One
1The Girl With The Sun In Her Head
3,4The Box
5Dwr Budr
7,8Out There Somewhere?

Track List: Disk Two
1Times Fly (slow)
2Sad But New
3Times Fly (fast)
4The Tranquilizer
5The Box

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